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Hanger Bracket is used to clamp the suspension kit with a vehicle frame. It allows to hold the suspension arm which supports heavy loads.

10 mm steel thickness
High tensile strength steel
Reinforced at critical area for better durability

Suspension Arm

It allows 100% support to Load and Lift Air Spring to increase the life of Air Spring & results in better load transfer. Fabricated beam is designed with maximum section modulus for better vertical load support.

10 mm sheet thickness
High Tensile Steel, Enhanced Durability

Air Spring

Air Spring is made up of rubber & fabric flexible membrane which contains a column of compressed air. Air Spring supports to load & provide cushioning effect and comfort to passengers.

Natural & Polybutadiene Rubber with Chemical additives.
High Strength Cord fabric ensures enhanced reinforcement on the rubber membranes.
Internal Bumper available inside the air spring in plastic and rubber for air spring protection.
Higher fatigue life with superior ride comfort.
All air springs manufactured are tested for proof and leak at high pressure.
Light Weight plates/piston manufactured from High Strength alloyed steel.

Pivot Busing

Large size of tri-functioned bush is used with fabricated beam which provides better roll stability in high articulation.

Double bonded rubber-steel bush has longer life
Maintenance free bushing
Rubber bushing absorbs road shock while maintaining lateral tracking and superior roll resistance

Shock Absorber

Shock absorber with high damping of all vibrations, provides excellent ride comfort and also controls excess axle movement.

Heavy duty shock absorber with better damping characteristics
Triple function & high temperature seal
Protects Air Spring from over pull

Air Spring

Lift Air Springs are pressurized air chambers made up of a rubber. The height of the Air Springs is controlled continuously by adjusting the air pressure with the help of a loud sensing valve. Primary Function of Lift Air Spring is to raise and lower the Lift Axle.

Natural rubber with higher fatigue life
Higher shelf life
Integrated rubber bump stopper

Rebound Strap

Rebound strap is made to control the Axle travel in rebound condition and to protect the over extension of Air Spring in Suspension.

Heavy duty strap

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