Leaf Spring

About JAI Leaf Spring

JAI is one of the major player in the world of commercial vehicle suspensions. JAI delivers the finest and strongest suspension for commercial vehicles which makes it the best in the industry.

There are two Types of leaf spring


JAI was instrumental in introduction of Parabolic Springs in India in 1988 for the passenger cars and have now pioneered the same for Commercial Vehicles. This technology not only reduces the weight of the springs but also improves the ride comfort and extends the vehicle life.

Higher Life Cycle
33% Lighter than Conventional
Better Comfort & Smoother Ride


JAI manufactures different types of tapered Multi leaf Springs
( Single Stage & Two stage Progressive ) used in commercial vehicles and special application vehicles. A leaf spring can be made from several leaves stacked upon each other in several layers.

Shot Peening to Increase Spring Life
Robotic Technology used for Eye Rolling and V-cutting Process

Conventional vs. Parabolic

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