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  Jamna Auto Industries has been consistently improving its manufacturing facilities to be the pioneer in Spring industry. Jai is proud to have continuously worked to attain this milestone and is capable of manufacturing the widest range of quality springs on a short notice. All our springs are made according to the vehicle standards and stringent norms laid down by various automobile bodies.

The development lead time is considerably reduced due to our fully automated processes of the critical operations. This not only ensures better quality but also reduces the margin of error in the final assembly. Apart from the standard procedures required to be carried out in manufacturing a leaf spring, JAI has developed its expertise in the most important and & critical operations.
  Eye Rolling Equipment
. Can roll from 12mm dia to 60 mm diameter . Eye parallelism, Eye Twist & Span having Capability index Cpk >2.0 . Clutch cum brake for uniform eye gap . Designed by NHK Japan

Parabolic Rolling Machines
. Can roll up to 7degrees taper of any size & shape . Imported from Germnay . State of the art machine First & unique in INDIA

Heat Treatment Furnace
. Designed by Taiho Furnaces- Japan, for energy efficiency . Highly automated, PLC controlled . Can deliver to two Pinclamp forming equipments simultaneously

Pin Clamp Quenching Equipment
. Completely automated, unmanned cambering equipment . Unique in India . High accuracy of forming, with the pinclamp walking beam

Shot Peening equipment
. Production of 3000 leaves / shift with severe arc height requirements to cater exports. . Using combination of two machines to get higher surface residual stresses.
. Induces Compressive Residual Stress by bombarding small steel shots on leaf surface. . Higher the compressive stresses better is the service life. . Jai state of art machines provide 130 Kg/mm2 compressive stresses.

Continuous Henkel Autophoretic Chemical coating line
. Scribed neutral salt spray resistance of 600 hours . Adhesion 99% . Excellent Cold cracking resistance . Passed stringent Gravelometer tests

Performance Testing
  • Test Spring Rate of spring on moving trolley
  • Having Load cell of 80 T & linear encoder
  • Can Run of 3 different scales
      • Type - Servo Actuator and Mechanical Test Rigs
      • 90 ~150 mm Stroke

Testing Facility
  • STRAIN MEASURMENT Model -10 Channel SB-10 & T 3500 Make - Measurement Group Inc. USA
  • Research Laboratory : JAI has a full fledged laboratory equipped with the latest equipment to carry out different tests including hardness testing, salt spray testing etc. to determine the steel strength before taking it to shearing. All these samples are taken on random basis to validate our tests and maintain the best quality of springs.

    To know more, please visit our Research & Development Page.

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