The objective is to provide financial support to economically deprived students to pursue higher studies and holistic development, to achieve their full potential.
Our focus:
  • Quality Education
  • Scholarship
  • Academic Support Classes
  • Promotion of Girl Child
Our action plan:
Quality education : To improve the accessibility and quality of education at school level across rural areas by developing infrastructure and basic facilities, enhancing capacity and quality of teaching staff and development of recreational skills among students.
Waste management: We are committed to create a positive environmental footprint by reducing our waste through ecofriendly techniques; reduce, recycle and reuse.
Scholarship: The Company provides scholarship to meritorious, needy students identified on set criteria and p r ovide financial support to cover the cost of their education in school and colleges.
Academic support classes : The programme covers around 120 first generation learners through 'after school class' to provide them extra educational support and to bring out of school children into mains ream education.
Promotion of girl child : A minimum of 60% scholarship is reserved by the Company for the girl child to cover free education, transportation facility, support for competitive exams etc. to promote them in the field of education, spor ts, NCC and extra curriculum activities.
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