Digitalization &

JAI has placed itself ahead of its competitors by successfully adapting new and modern technologies. We have introduced new applications and technologies that have enabled us to increase our presence, consolidate business activities, automated SOP's processes and invoice.

Dealer Portal (for Distributors)

JAI has an enormous distributor network. To connect these distributors, the company has provided a Dealer Portal digital platform. This enables our esteemed distributors to easily connect to the company, place their Purchase Orders, and track them through their respective web login. This platform provides real-time information of their purchases, order tracking, vehicle tracking, payment information, statement of accounts, finance reports, and communication from JAI. The portal is already being efficiently used by more than 90 distributors across India.

Vehicle Tracking System (for Distributors)

JAI has deployed a VTS system to track & monitor customer dispatches through GPS. This system provides a central platform to monitor transporters' vehicles till their destination. This system is also linked to the Dealer Portal from where dealers can view and monitor their dispatches online and in real-time. Transporters are now digitally connected to Jamna network through an interface and participating in JAI's digital transformation journey.

JAI Sarathi RLP App (for retailers)

JAI values its strong relationships and trust with retailers, and has launched an exclusive loyalty program for them. Retailers can register for the loyalty program and become eligible to scan product coupons and earn points as per predefined scheme slabs. JAI has further enhanced the loyalty program by integrating it with invoices. The tech-team is integrating with the interface by applying a patch at the distributors POS location. This will sync invoice data centrally and calculate the retailer points. The retailers can view their points information by installing the RLP mobile app on their smart phones.

Easy DMS (for retailers)

JAI has launched a digital Retailers Loyalty Scheme to give direct benefits to its retailers. To do this, JAI has introduced and implemented Tally Patch at the distributors POS locations across India to fetch secondary sales invoice data and provide loyalty points on retailers invoice. The technology team has implemented at all POS locations that have Tally, Busy or other software. Further, the tech-team give special thanks to JAI distributors for giving their full support in implementing the patch technology and enabling JAI to build a technology interface from where it can provide direct benefits to its esteemed retailers.

JAI Ho MLP App (for mechanics)

JAI has launched a Digital Mechanics Loyalty Scheme to give direct benefits to its mechanics. This scheme provides mechanics with a digital platform to connect with JAI by scanning product coupons for which they get points credited to their account. JAI sales officers are also connected to the mechanics and help them get coupons scanned while in the field. JAI has provided a mobile app to its mechanics to self-scan and submit their coupons centrally. This scheme is totally digitally driven and helps JAI grow its sales and build strong relationships with its mechanics.

JAI Connect (for customers)

JAI Connect is a mobile version of the E-catalog that is available on Google-Play Store. The features are same as e-catalog.

E-Catalog (for customers)

To reinforce digitalization, JAI has launched e-Catalog which provides an e-product catalog from where dealers can search JAI products in various categories, and see all the relevant information on the web. Earlier, JAI used to circulate hardcopy MRPs in the market but now it launched web based app to check various product specifications like MRPs, weight, part numbers, etc. in real time. In future, JAI is planning to facilitate product-ordering process in this app.

Sales Officers App (for S.O.)

JAI sales representatives have centralised access to information for their respective areas on Sales Mobile app. This enables them to access their customer information, sales, pending sales order status, customer outstanding, invoice & receipts, reports, inquire stock and check price list. This application provides them easy access to day-to-day information required in the market, and makes digital information instantly available at the customer end in real-time.


To reinforce digitalization, JAI has launched e-Catalog and e-Doc platforms which provide an e-product catalog from where dealers can search products offered by JAI in various categories, and see all the relevant information on the web. From this platform, users can view products and their specifications, and can place orders centrally. JAI has also introduced e-Doc Platform where all JAI AfterMarket India departments, i.e. Sales & Marketing, Branding, IT, Finance can upload, view or download their relevant documents like product brochures, photographs, MRP books, JAI videos, company PPT, policies etc. digitally from anywhere.

Regional Manager App (for RMs)

To enhance the performance of the sales team, JAI introduced this reporting tool app. Regional Manager app helps JAI regional managers to check and manage customers' details such as sales, payment, stock, order status, etc. in real time. Not only its' a time-saver app, but it also makes the reporting and area sales management an easy task.

Business Intelligence Tool (for senior management)

To explore, visualize and understand data, and to transform data in action, JAI has opted for Tableau as a Business Intelligence Tool (BI). Tableau enables management to mine data for insights that can be used to formulate new strategies for business growth. The Tableau dashboard presents readily available, real-time information in the form of easy-to-understand visuals. This makes the data highly actionable, helping JAI reduce time compiling reports, improve decision making, increase operational efficiency, pinpoint new revenue potentials, identify market trends, report genuine KPIs and identify new business opportunities.

Geo Maps (for senior management)

JAI has introduced robust digitization on reports presentation so that reports can be viewed on Geo Maps. This tool enables a paper-less review mechanism and generation of reports on Geo Maps. It is specifically used to get geo reports on sales as per sales hierarchy with the defined Geo Tags pinned on a map. Reports can be fetched based on selected criteria, and will get populated on a map. This is an easy, effective monitoring & reporting tool for the management.

E-Approval (for employees & senior management)

To enforce paperless office, JAI has introduced e-approval system where users can request approvals digitally as per department hierarchy. This function enables users to easily place approval requests and monitor from anywhere and at anytime. This platform gives users the ability to upload the relevant documents that support their approval requests, so that the approval authority has all the information it needs for considering the request before approving. This technology adopted by Jamna is the best digital platform for a modern paperless office.