We are committed to improve the quality of life in surrounding communities near our plants nation wide. Healthcare, education, infrastructure development, skill training, clean and green environment are the focus areas of our interventions.
Our focus:
  • Improving facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Women empowerment
  • Sustainable Livelihood
  • Creating awareness
Our action plan:
Improving facilities: Ensuring availability of basic facilities like potable water , sanitation, education , health , cleanlines s etc . in surrounding communities.
Healthcare : Health camps are held periodically based on community requirements , specially eye camps, paediatric camps, senior citizens with the help o f professional doctors. Awareness sessions on relevant health and hygiene care topics are also held regularly .
Women empowerment : The Company aims to empower girl children in the field of education, health and sports by providing lots of oppor tunities like free education, promotion in sport s and cultural events, enhancing livelihood opportunities etc . to transform them as ambassadors for change in support of sustainable and equitable development.
Sustainable livelihood : Aspire to promote focused sustainable livelihood programmes through development o f skill and craft based training t o youth and women t o improv e their lives through better livelihood opportunities
Creating awareness : Empowering beneficiaries on environment and social issues to protect and conserve our environment by organising various types of awareness activitie s like tre e plantation, paintin g and debate competitions , rallies, exhibitions, awareness session s etc.  
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