360° branding support for channel partners.

About Branding

Jamna Auto Industries Ltd., is also popularly known as 'JAI' among it's customers, stakeholders and shareholders. Over the years, the brand JAI has created a glorifying image among it's competitors to become India's pioneer Leaf Spring manufacturer. Best in class quality, widest range and unmatched service are the key factors which makes "JAI" to rise above the rest.

There is a famous quote which says – "Trust is earned when actions meet words". Jamna Auto Industries Ltd. continues to attract its customers by delivering highest quality and services for more than 65 years.

No wonder the Brand 'JAI' is associated with terms like "Trust" and "Legacy", making its brand essence to be "Legacy of Trust".

"Making Journey Smoother since 1954"

"With roots dating back to 1954, today JAI is a global brand that has embraced innovation. Different visual elements are used to represent the JAI brand and all are applied consistently to strengthen our brand identity. This includes correct use of the logos and JAI corporate colours, the quality and style of design of our communications."

Branding & Promotional Activities

Branding is a continuous practice to shape your audiences' perceptions. Jamna Auto Industries Ltd conduct various branding activities in order to achieve maximum mind share of its audience by practicing various BTL & Digital Activities.

Point of Purchase/Point of Sale Activities

Distribution of promotional items like posters, stickers, banners, flyers among the channel partners to promote the company & its products.

Brand Promotional Btl Activities

JAI conducts various BTL activities like mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs, exhibitions and inshop branding. Through these activities, JAI has been able to interact & connect with its consumers on a personal level.

Events & Exhibitions

Organize various events for channel partners & employees, exhibitions & product launches to showcase company new and existing products.

Inshop Branding for Distributors

Renovated JAI distributors shops in various parts of India with an aim of making all distributors shops across India JAI branded in the coming years.

Signage Installation of Mechanics Shop

Installed company sign boards at mechanics' shops in order to give recognition to mechanics registered with JAI.

Mechanics and Retailers Meet

Conduct meets for JAI esteemed mechanics and retailers for educating them about JAI products, new policies and loyalty programme schemes.

JAI branded Merchandise

Distribute various merchandise and gift items among our channel partners to enhance brand visibility of JAI, PAN India.

Transit Media Branding

JAI brands its vehicles which travel the length and breadth of the country.

Future Branding vision: JAI Shoppe

JAI Shoppe at Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, New Delhi – One Stop Solution for your Commercial Vehicle.