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1 Notice sent to shareholders for transfer of equity shares and dividend to Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) Account05 Jun 2018Download RecordView Record
2 Investors' Presentation Q4 Financial Results31 May 2018Download RecordView Record
3 Disclosure in pursuance to Regulation 30 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 201530 May 2018View Record
4 Outcome of Board Meeting held on 22nd May, 2018 22 May 2018View Record
5 Notice of Board Meeting14 May 2018View Record
6 Investors' Presentation on the financial results of third quarter of Financial Year 2017-1805 Mar 2018Download RecordView Record
7 Outcome of Board Meeting held on February 13, 201813 Feb 2018View Record
8 Notice of Board Meeting02 Feb 2018View Record
9 Intimation to Shareholders for Transfer of Equity Shares to IEPF05 Dec 2017Download RecordView Record
10 Investors' Presentation14 Nov 2017Download RecordView Record
11 Outcome of Board Meeting held on November 11, 201711 Nov 2017View Record
12 Record Date for the purpose of Interim Dividend 11 Nov 2017View Record
13 Notice of Board Meeting03 Nov 2017View Record
14 Notice for Members related to sub-division of equity shares09 Oct 2017Download RecordView Record
15 ISIN Activation- ISIN INE039C0103222 Sep 2017View Record
16 Presentation on financial results Q1 FY 2017-1829 Aug 2017Download RecordView Record
17 Outcome of Board Meeting12 Aug 2017View Record
18 Voting Results of AGM held on August 01, 201703 Aug 2017Download RecordView Record
19 Presentation on Financial Results Q4 FY 2016-1722 Jun 2017Download RecordView Record
20 Outcome of Board Meeting20 May 2017View Record
21 Notice of Board Meeting12 May 2017View Record
22 Presentation on financial results Q3 FY 2016-1703 Mar 2017Download RecordView Record
23 Outcome of Board Meeting11 Feb 2017View Record
24 Change in Director08 Feb 2017View Record
25 Notice of Board Meeting02 Feb 2017View Record
26 Presentation on financial results Q2 FY 2016-1711 Nov 2016Download RecordView Record
27 Outcome of Board Meeting and Credit Rating09 Nov 2016View Record
28 Notice of Board Meeting01 Nov 2016View Record
29 Presentation on financial results Q1 FY 2016-1713 Aug 2016Download RecordView Record
30 Corrigendum09 Aug 2016View Record
31 Outcome of Board Meeting04 Aug 2016View Record
32 Notice of Board Meeting28 Jul 2016View Record
33 Annual General Meeting15 Jul 2016View Record
34 Presentation made to Investor-Analyst on 1 June 201601 Jun 2016Download RecordView Record
35 Outcome of Board Meeting20 May 2016View Record
36 Notice of Board Meeting13 May 2016View Record
37 Presentation made to Investor-Analyst on 15 February 201615 Feb 2016Download RecordView Record
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